Ryan Brett Puckett is a Los Angeles based Production Designer, and member of the Art Directors Guild, Local 800.


I still remember the sense of awe and inspiration I felt as a kid, sitting in a theater seat watching a DeLorean transcend time, or a mine cart race through a cavernous maze. In those moments, I realized it was possible to create worlds more thrilling and beautiful than anything I had seen before.


The desire for things that did not exist kept me on a constantly evolving path of creation, winding through engineering, industrial design, fine art, cinematography, and architecture.  These experiences ultimately led me back to film and the role of Production Design.

I was fortunate to work with stylized genres early on, and have aspired to push the boundaries of each project's universe, whether set in suburbia or space. Recreating that sense of awe I felt as a child drives the hope to excite others in the same way film has moved me.


Ryan Brett Puckett


Production Designer


Tel: 213.595.5105

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