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Ryan Brett Puckett is a Los Angeles based Production Designer, and member of the Art Directors Guild, Local 800.


Ryan first realized different worlds were possible sitting in a dark movie theater as a kid. He watched with awe and inspiration as a DeLorean transcended time or a minecart raced through cavernous mazes. These worlds were more thrilling than anything he had imagined, and they set him on a path to create his own places that did not exist.


That path wound through industrial design, fine art, and photography, then blurred into filmmaking and the role of Production Designer. As a Production Designer, Ryan spends each day on set creating that sense of awe he felt as a child so that he can spark others' imagination in the same way.

Production Designer, Ryan Brett Puckett, for film and commercial Art Direction
RBP Star Wars Show Interview

RBP Star Wars Show Interview

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